What Keeps Us Going

This is a site where whoever wants can share what has been inspirational in their lives. It can be about those you’ve come in contact with, events that have occurred to you, even dreams you might have had. I only ask that you use language a child can understand and not be embarrassed by.

We live in a world filled with violence, discord and hopelessness; and those of us who actually achieve some measure of success toward whatever goal(s) we have set for ourselves often HAVE TO FIGHT thru environmental and internal turmoil every single step of the way. What helps is to cling to what inspires us, be it people and/or events. Sometimes these are difficult to find, yet it is imperative we do so.

I’ve started this site out of a desire to share with others what has inspired me, as well as hopefully receive some information as to what has inspired others. If we look hard enough and keep an open mind about what we discover, we can find these motivators. We can overcome all the negatives we are facing and secure for ourselves something uplifting that will nourish us in such a way that gives us the strength to continue putting one foot in front of the other as we move closer to our goal. It is my prayer all who visit me here will do that for each other.

Some of us live more on an earthly plane, grounded in tangible aspects of this world; and that is just fine if it serves you well. Many do know there is a spiritual aspect to their life, yet it does not motivate them as much as it may others. These people often wind up looking for material things (influential people, a powerful position in the jobs market, even their financial situation) to keep themselves working toward the goal(s) they set for themselves. Then there are those of us who live on a spiritual plane rather than the one we can see around us. We know there is a higher power some of us call the Heavenly Father. We, also, know there is a destructive force around us. Some of us call this the devil; others interpret it as being various parts of ourselves. Whatever this destructive force is, we know it only serves to keep us where we may not want to be; and, thus, we do not want to be influenced by it. These people literally wind up walking in this world by faith with a loving Being as their constant companion.

Part of what has always inspired me are events/situations someone has overcome…..beat the odds so to speak. These can be financial, physical, emotional &/or mental. I placed a few videos on my “motdaugrnds” channel at youtube you might enjoy; and this can be reached by clicking the “U” at the bottom of this page. I’m sure there are many others who have overcome what they thought they couldn’t and created a life for themselves and/or others despite their existing circumstances. I invite you to share with others what you had to deal with and how you overcame. And please feel free to browse the inspirational/spiritual part of my website for poetry, songs & events that form the foundation of my existence.

I do hope all who visit will find encouragement for many aspects of their lives, especially for continuing to follow your dreams.